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At some point in our lifetime, we may need to move from one location to another, which could be work or business-related. Moving home or property is somewhat tedious, and you need the help of a professional mover to enjoy a smooth move experience. We are one of the leading Movers and Mover Company in Coral Gables, and our modus operandi is created to fit any client’s demand in mind. This justifies the fact that we are customer-centric and care about their needs. Whether you are moving across the street, long-distance moving, Careful Movers have got you. Call us for an excellent home moving experience.

About Us

Careful Movers has been in the industry for several years, and we are sure of the quality of our moving service. We understand that customers have different needs; hence our moving service is unique; no two moving services are done the same way. Our movers are experts and committed to offering the best moving service beyond the client’s expectations. Our company is recognized by diverse international standard removal and moving associations. As a member of these associations, our clients can be assured of standard and top-quality moving delivery. While moving, we ensure clients’ belongings are carefully handled and safely moved.

Our Services

Careful Movers of Coral Gables is Florida’s most selected moving company for residential, long-distance, and emergency moves. We aspire to make every moving/removal experience stress-free, and this is the reason we have a network of exceptional movers who possess the required skill and knowledge to plan and execute a seamless move for any client. Regardless of the location, you are moving to, Careful Mover is here to handle all the activities by helping you pack, wrap, gather and organize your belongings to move them into our truck. You can also trust that you can get the quality of moving service from any other company apart from Careful Movers. We are intentional and committed to great moving service delivery.

Local Moving

If you intend to relocate within a state, then this is a local moving. And as an experienced local mover in Coral Gables, we offer a full range of local moving services tailored to fit clients’ demands. Our entire local moving process is simple, and if you pass through the actual channel to book for this service, you’ll be glad you did. For instance, if you are moving from the 4th floor to the 10th floor, Careful Mover will help you sort this out while you spend your time achieving other essential tasks.

Interstate Moving

Interstate moving is the process of moving from one state to another, and a typical example is moving from Florida to Alabama. This kind of moving is done after thorough planning and for a specific cause. At Careful Movers of Coral Gables, we offer a comprehensive interstate moving service and participate in their relocation planning process. We partner with you to gather the information you need for a successful moving service and do this without an extra charge. Therefore, our interstate moving service is designed to fit any budget.

Emergency Moving

Whenever you have an emergency moving need in Florida, Careful Movers is always available to offer help in every possible way. The condition for emergency moving can be caused by different factors, including fire outbreaks, lockouts, or property eviction. We understand this time can be frustrating and psychologically disturbing; hence we assure the client that our professional movers can handle the situation within the shortest time frame. Emergency moving in Florida? You can hire Careful Movers, and the rest is an enticing story you’ll share.

Apartment Moving

As part of our well-designed services, we offer apartment moving services in Coral Gables. We take out guess works and ensure that clients are delighted. Based on our years of experience and level of expertise in the moving industry, we can confidently speak about our apartment moving service to any client at any time. Our movers are one of the industry’s best sets, and their skill is measured up to none. Contact us today, let us help you with your apartment moving needs.


We have a standard storage facility that can, so if you have a request for any, know that you are covered. Careful Movers of Coral Gables makes extensive arrangements for storage in Florida or the new destination. If you need a store at your convenience, our movers can provide one upon your request. Our storage solution is ideal for business and personal purposes, and it gives room for flexibility during the relocation/moving process.

Packing & Wrapping

Once you are ready to move, your belongings can’t be moved without being properly packed and wrapped. As a matter of fact, packing and wrapping are one of the important processes of moving. Careful Movers of Coral Gables takes an extra step and effort to offer packing and wrapping service to ensure client’s belongings are safe while moving from point A to point B. Our movers are well trained to provide packing and wrapping solutions in making your move an excellent and stress-free experience. Careful Movers can be hired to pack all your personal and commercial belongings and wrapped them to avoid damages.

Contact Us For More Information

There are hundreds of moving companies in Florida, but Careful Movers of Coral Gables is unique. Through our specialized moving service, we’ve been able to reserve a spot in the minds of our clients to justify our promise. If you need an apartment moving service or an emergency moving, you can schedule an appointment with us through calls. We would create time to meet and discuss your moving needs; afterward, we would provide a free moving estimate. If you are interested, contact us today!

“I know there is a lot of positive service appraisal about this company, but I’ll write my review based on her customer service team. The entire experience with the customer support when I called was quite welcoming, and I’ll love to meet with the lady who attended to me via phone calls every time I reach out.” – Eunice S.

“Very satisfying job, they did, and the fact that they didn’t waste time moving the commercial belongings and properties to our new business site. We’ll be moving a few pieces of machinery to our factory as well, and I think they will do it better using the capacity moving truck” – James Neo.

“Careful Movers of Coral Gables were super courteous, and the fact that they have high knowledge of how the industry works is a thing every client would love to reckon with. After the agreement and the start date, four movers came to my location with a truck to load my home belongings. They were very careful and attentive to every little thing” – Jimmy Brown.

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